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Recent Tips and Articles by Kossan Exterior Services LLC

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

In the modern age, pressure washing is becoming a more and more popular method for property maintenance and exterior cleaning. It improves the overall appearance of surfaces while still protecting their materials and is a far more effective and efficient option when compared to manual methods. […]

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Nature & Your Residence

Brainerd, MN, and the local Brainerd Lakes region is a beautiful area filled with lots of natural beauty, but do you know exactly how the surrounding nature is affecting your home here? Your residence is built to protect you and your family from exposure to the elements. […]

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Removing & Preventing Roof Ice Dams

It's no small statement to say that winters in the Midwest are hard, and the pesky issue of ice dams can make them even harder. These rooftop ridges of ice grow and build during long winter months and prevent water from draining off the top of […]

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