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Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Eco friendly cleaning

In the modern age, pressure washing is becoming a more and more popular method for property maintenance and exterior cleaning. It improves the overall appearance of surfaces while still protecting their materials and is a far more effective and efficient option when compared to manual methods. However, there is another benefit of pressure washing that you may not know; it's incredibly eco-friendly!

When living in an area surrounded by natural beauty, you want to find the best way to preserve the environment. This is especially true in Brainerd and the surrounding Brainerd Lakes region. Luckily, this is as easy as choosing pressure washing over standard exterior cleaning methods.

Commercial and residential pressure washing greatly reduces the amount of resources needed to clean a property, uses very few chemicals, if any at all, and keeps older materials in better condition to improve their lifespan.

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Saving Natural Resources

When you compare pressure washing to manual cleaning methods, you can easily see how many fewer resources are needed. In many manual cleaning projects, including driveways, home siding, and fences, a standard garden hose is used. When it is, it can take gallons upon gallons of water to fully wash away natural growth and grime.

Meanwhile, pressure washing can use far less water by applying it at a higher pressure, effectively removing even set-in stains and stubborn weeds. Compared to manual methods, pressure washing utilizes over half as much water and far less energy when cleaning an area or surface.

No Hazardous Chemicals

When pressure washing, water is applied to a dirty area at a pressure of 300 PSI or more. That force can remove stains, spills, and grime with water alone! This means there's little need for chemical solvents such as soaps or detergents in the cleaning process.

Many manual cleaning methods require the use of heavy chemicals such as bleach and stain removers. The chemicals from these substances negatively impact the natural environment. By reducing the need for their use, you can achieve a greener, more eco-friendly clean.

Building Material Refurbishment

When the materials of your home become eroded and damaged, it's natural to think of how to replace them. While renovations and replacements are a normal part of home ownership, it can be important to think about how to limit waste.

Pressure washing breathes new life into the materials and surfaces of a home, therefore reducing the need for replacements. When materials are kept in better condition, there's less need to haul them off to the dump.

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