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Transform Your Backyard with Professional Deck Construction Services

Residential deck construction

Looking to elevate your outdoor living experience in Brainerd? Our professional deck construction services are here to transform your backyard into a captivating retreat. With meticulous attention to detail and expert craftsmanship, we create custom decks tailored to your lifestyle and preferences. Deck construction in Brainerd is our specialty, and we take pride in delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations.

But our commitment doesn't stop there. We go the extra mile to ensure your deck stays pristine for years to come. That's why we also offer premium pressure washing for Brainerd residents to keep your outdoor space looking fresh and inviting. Whether you're envisioning a cozy haven for relaxation or a vibrant entertainment hub for gatherings, our team brings your dreams to life with professionalism and flair. Say goodbye to mundane outdoor spaces and hello to your oasis with our expert deck construction services.

The Deck Installation Experience

Upgrade your outdoor sanctuary with our seamless deck installation process

  1. Conceptualization: Collaborate with our team to craft a personalized deck plan and sketch.
  2. Permit Procurement: We handle the paperwork, ensuring all necessary permits are acquired with ease.
  3. Foundation Building: From pouring concrete footings to installing ledger boards, we lay a sturdy foundation.
  4. Structural Integrity: Witness precision as we install deck joists, ensuring a strong and durable framework.
  5. Decking Installation: Choose from our premium materials as we expertly install your selected decking.
  6. Railing Addition: Enhance safety and style with our diverse railing options, seamlessly integrated into your design.
  7. Final Walk-Through: Experience peace of mind as we conduct a thorough inspection to ensure perfection.

Deck Materials Made to Impress

Discover the perfect material to bring your vision to life:

  • Composite Decking: Modern elegance meets durability for a low-maintenance outdoor escape.
  • Cedar Decking: Embrace natural beauty with the timeless charm of cedar, perfect for rustic retreats.
  • Treated Wood Decking: Classic and cost-effective, treated wood offers versatility and reliability.
  • Ipe Wood Decking: Indulge in luxury with the unmatched durability and beauty of Ipe wood, a true statement of sophistication.

Deck Railings Tailored to You

Elevate your deck's allure while ensuring safety with our stunning railing options:

  • Cable Railings: Modern and minimalist, cable railings provide unobstructed views and contemporary charm.
  • Composite Railings: Blend style and strength with composite railings, offering durability and low maintenance.
  • Wood Railings: Add warmth and character with classic wood railings, customizable to match your aesthetic.
  • Glass Railings: Create a sleek and sophisticated look with transparent glass railings, enhancing views and elegance.
  • Metal Railings: Make a bold statement with metal railings, offering durability and design flexibility.

Deck Maintenance Made Easy

Ensure your deck's beauty and functionality with our comprehensive maintenance services:

  • Repair: Address wear and tear promptly to maintain structural integrity and safety.
  • Washing: Revitalize your deck's appearance with professional pressure washing, removing dirt and grime.
  • Painting: Renew your deck's look with a fresh coat of paint, adding vibrancy and personality.
  • Staining: Preserve the natural allure of wood while protecting it from the elements with expert staining treatments.
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