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Nature & Your Residence

Nature residence

Brainerd, MN, and the local Brainerd Lakes region is a beautiful area filled with lots of natural beauty, but do you know exactly how the surrounding nature is affecting your home here?

Your residence is built to protect you and your family from exposure to the elements. So it's not a surprise when they take the brunt of their effects head-on. Weeds, algae, pests, and natural grime are frequently seen collecting in and around the home's surfaces. What's the best way to protect your home from these threats?

Trouble-Prone Areas

As with any structure, there are many areas of a home that may be more susceptible to damage and erosion from the natural elements. Damp nooks and crannies are frequently visited by mold, sunny spots may see more weed growth, and covered alcoves can make the perfect home for unwelcome pests such as mice, birds, and bugs.

Regularly maintaining these trouble-prone areas is a necessity to keep your home from harm.

Gutter Chutes

Gutters and downspout systems provide a perfect nesting spot for pests, as well as a breeding ground for algae, mold, and muck. While your chutes collect and disperse rainwater, they also collect different contaminants, substances, and debris. Birds frequently build nests out of collected leaves and sticks and can further block the chute resulting in bacteria-infested standing water.

With regular gutter cleaning, you can prevent these unwanted natural threats from forming in your chutes and prevent them from coming back over time.

Rooftops & Shingles

One of the major threats to your home's roof is a type of algae called Gloecapsa Magma. It frequently appears on the top of homes as black marks that streak over the roof's surface. This substance thrives off the moisture within your shingles and will slowly erode their material over time.

Professional soft washing and roof cleaning is the best way to rid your home of Gloecapsa Magma, as it safely sanitizes the surface with a mix of detergent and low-pressure water.

Dumpster Pads

For businesses, the most frequent problem area in regard to weed growth and pest infestations is the trash removal site. Dumpster pads a less frequently maintained than other property areas, and for this reason, they can easily become home to rats, mice, raccoons, and disease-spreading substances such as mold or mildew.

When employees shy away from dumpster cleaning duty, a professional pressure washing service may be needed. Pressure washing thoroughly removes the presence of pest-attracting residue and abrasive substances.

Professional Protection

When your Brainerd home is threatened by the elements, Kossan Exterior Services LLC is the company to call. We offer exceptional commercial and residential pressure washing at a fair, affordable price to keep you and your property safe from natural threats.

Call Brainerd's trusted Kossan Exterior Services LLC today to learn more about our residential pressure washing and commercial cleaning services.

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