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Pristine Concrete Cleaning in Nisswa, MN

Pristine Concrete Cleaning in Nisswa, MN

This customer in Nisswa, MN reached out to me in regards to getting her concrete pathway and patios cleaned. The concrete was full of mildew algae and overall was just really dirty, which not only looked bad, but also posed a safety risk. Mildew and algae on concrete and paver patios can pose serious safety risks. When wet, algae and mildew become very slippery on concrete which can increase the likelihood of injuries from slipping and falling. I provided a explanation of the concrete cleaning process, which includes: blowing the concrete off removing large debris, pretreating the concrete with a softwash solution, and using a commercial surface cleaner to fully agitate the surface leaving it clean and free from algae. This project turned out great and the customer was pleased with the final result.

Location: Nisswa, MN

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