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Premier Retaining Wall Pressure Washing in Little Falls, MN

Premier Retaining Wall Pressure Washing in Little Falls, MN

This customer in Little Falls, MN was concerned about the appearance of her landscaping, particularly her retaining walls. The retaining walls were covered in organic growth, giving them a very dirty appearance. I informed her that, Kossan Exterior Services was the right fit for the job. Here at Kossan Exterior Services we deal with all kinds of exterior cleaning and pressure washing everyday, so this job was right up our alley. We first pre treated the walls to kill the organic growth and help with the removal process, this steps also prevents growth from returning, we then let the solution dwell for a predetermined time, lastly we pressure washed all the walls thoroughly removing all growth and stains from the walls. The finished product looked amazing and brought the walls and surfaces back to life. Concrete Cleaning can not only drastically improve the aesthetic appearance but also prevents foliage from growing in your walls and patio which can lead to cracking and overall deterioration of your walls and patios.

Location: Little Falls, MN

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