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Metal Roof Wash in Crosslake, MN

Metal Roof Wash in Crosslake, MN

This customer in Crosslake, contacted me about his metal roof that was in desperate need of a roof cleaning. The roof was covered in Gloeocapsa magma which is a type of mildew in the line of photosynthesizing bacteria. This mildew that was on the roof not only gives it an aesthetically unpleasant look it can also potentially damage your roof in the long term. I explained the steps that Kossan Pressure Washing Services would take to safely and efficiently remove the organics from the roof. Our process is a process called softwashing, which is a low pressure way to remove the organic growth without damaging the roof. By utilizing specially formulated detergents we were able to efficiently restore this customer's roof to its original appearance! The customer was really happy with the outcome.

Budget: $400

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