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Commercial Concrete Cleaning in Brainerd, MN

Commercial Concrete Cleaning in Brainerd, MN

I was contracted to clean this concrete patio at an apartment complex in Brainerd, MN by a management company. Commercial concrete cleaning is one of our areas of expertise. Our process is simple but affective. We start by pre treating the concrete with a solution to dissolve organic stains, we then let the solution dwell for a time that is predetermined based off of the the strength or "potency" of the solution and the amount of organic stains on the substrate. We then use a commercial surface cleaner to thoroughly wash the entire substrate, by using a surface cleaner instead of a wand it avoids "striping" in the concrete. Next we rinse the entire substrate. Lastly we inspect the concrete looking for petroleum based stains and use a caustic degreaser to spot treat these stains and remove them with "hot water". This Project turned out great and made the concrete look like new. By getting this concrete patio cleaned regularly it also avoids slip hazards, which can occur when the substrate gets dirty. Organic stains such as mildew and algae can become extremely slippery when wet, which can lead to greater risk for slips and falls.

Location: Brainerd, MN

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