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Ice Dam Removal To Avoid Major Roof Damage

Ice dam removal

Kossan Exterior Services LLC provides safe and effective ice dam removal in the Brainerd area. Our professional pressure washing team is here to help you stay safe!

As many midwestern natives know, ice dams are ridges of ice that collect on rooftops during long winter months and prevent water from draining off the top of homes. They are typically caused by an uneven roof temperature or poor home construction, but overall they pose an immediate risk to your home's condition.

When water is dammed up on your home's roof, it can begin to leak in. This causes water damage and can even lead to the presence of mold and mildew within the home. The best time for ice dam removal is as soon as it forms.

The removal of ice dams can be a perilous task for the inexperienced. Typically it requires climbing the height of your home (in the icy winter months, no less) and physically breaking the ice, and removing the snow. Due to the hazards and risks that come with this task, it is almost always best left in the hands of trained professionals.

Kossan Exterior Services LLC offers ice dam removal for Brainerd area homeowners throughout the winter months. We work quickly and effectively to remove these roof dams so that you can feel safe and secure in your home.

Clearing Rooftop Ice Dams

While our team at Kossan Exterior Services LLC is quite happy to provide our house washing and residential cleaning services during the warmer months of the year, we're here for our community in the winter season as well.

Our ice dam removal service protects Brainerd area homes from water damage and mold growth while saving our clients hard-earned money from costly renovations and repairs. We work safely and efficiently to clear away stubborn, stuck-on ice from your home's rooftop, granting you precious peace of mind during the colder months of the year.

Protecting Homes From Ice Dam Hazards

Ice dams are one of the most common issues midwestern residents have to deal with in the frigid winter season. They can cause a whole host of issues, including water leaks, roof damage, and indoor mold growth. To keep you, your family, and your home safe, it's best to deal with ice dams as soon as they form. Our ice dam removal service is quick and effective, removing the built-up freeze and protecting your roof in the process.

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